After some really tough judging, we officially have the Summer of Express contest winners! There were some awesome applications in the C# category, I was really impressed by the work and level of effort put in by all the entrants. You can download the projects on Channel9's Express Page.

 We definitely want to do this contest again, but we're thinking about changing things up and wanted to get your feedback on what makes a good contest. Here's what I've been thinking

  • Get Better prizes - This one requires a good amount of legal work far ahead of the contest, but it is doable
  • Have prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd for a given category - I wish I could've given prizes to the top 5 C# entries :)
  • Change the categories - Rather then be product focused, I would imagine categories like - Best Game, Best productivity tool, Best utility, Best use of the network, Best use of SQL Server, Best Web app

What do you think makes a good contest?