The October Community Tech Previews for Express are now up on MSDN for download. Before you do anything, read the readme and remember that Community Tech Previews are *not*, *not*, *not* high quality builds and will probably be in worse condition then Express Beta 1. Lots of things won't work, and we've also added some new stuff including: 

  • Edit and Continue for C# Express. You'll have to do some workarounds to get this working (see below)
  • ClickOnce deployment for all Express products, but be warned that it doesn't work in this build :)

I'll blog more about the changes tomorrow, in the meantime spin up a differencing image on your VPC and take the CTP for a whirl. As always tell us what you think.

Below is the snippet on C# Express from the CTP readme:

C# Express  

"Edit and Continue" is now available in C# with the following known issues:

  • Making an edit that results in no change (i.e. inside a #ifdef'd out region) can cause the IDE to crash.
  • The Instruction Pointer (yellow arrow) can in some cases be placed incorrectly after stepping when an exception has been thrown.

Issue: If you are working with code built from the Windows Forms Template (and a few others), you may not be able to do EnC at all.


Remove the "= null" initializer of the components field in the .designer.cs file as follows:

private System.ComponentModel.IContainer components = null;

should become: private System.ComponentModel.IContainer components;

New Start Page: It is not enabled by default in this build. See known issues for a work-around.
ClickOnce is added to the Express SKUs: However, it does not work in this build.
New Community Menu: A few new features around community interaction.
New Local Data Wizards: Try connecting to your SQL Server Express database files using the new wizard.
Fewer Refactorings: To simplify the C# Express user experience, a few of the refactorings have been removed.
Start page doesn't show correctly:To see the new start page use Tools -> Options. Then "Show All Settings". Then Environment -> Startup. And set "At startup: " to "Show Start Page".
ScreenSaver Starter Kit won't load.