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Earlier this week, I asked our Coding4Fun authors what they thought about moving Coding4Fun to being fully blog-based a la Engadget, Make, etc.

Many Coding4Fun readers don't know this, but Coding4Fun actually uses http://blogs.msdn.com/coding4fun/ as its back-end blog engine and the MSDN presence at http:///msdn.microsoft.com/coding4fun/  is really a “skin” if you will of that engine. Rather than having two sites, we’re considering on moving solely to http://blogs.msdn.com/coding4fun with our msdn site still existing but it would just redirect to the blog.  


Why do this?


Advantages of moving to primarily a blog option

  • Built-in C4F only search so you can actually find articles
  • No formatting weirdness between sites where code looks good on the blog, but crappy on the MSDN site
  • No more disappearing articles where old articles can't be found because they are no longer visible through the RSS feed
  • Deeper categorization/tags – we can provide a much more thorough list of tags than we do today
  • Built-in comments so you can share your thoughts on articles
  • Easier to find in search engines
  • Less work for authors to publish
  • Version resilience – MSDN is moving to an new infrastructure that would tie up our dev resources
  • We would still have article redirection in place for previously published articles that would point to the blog
  • Printer-friendly articles, assuming we stick to some high-level authoring guidelines

Disadvantages of moving to primarily a blog option


Let me know what you think!