* Update: Added Mike Swanson as Matthew Perry based on Brian Keller's suggestion
* Update #2: Added Wes Hutchins as Peyton Manning now that I got a picture of Wes
* Update #3: Added Chris Flores as Ralph Macchio based on John Hipsher's suggestion
* Update #4: Added area of focus for each Microsoft person 
* Update #5: Added Raymond Chen as Masi Oka based on Sriram Krishnan's suggestion and Ian Knox as Paul Bettany based on Lindsay Berg and Elise Peterson's suggestion



I saw this hilarious comparison by Josh Hallet on casting "Blog" the Movie and in the spirit of playfulness, I brought in two consultants, Ed and Brian, to chime in on who would star in a "Microsoft Movie."  Rather than cast BillG and Steve Ballmer, I thought I would cast some of my favorite personalities who have similar-looking famous personas. Here's my first stab:


Ari Bixhorn (Speech writer)

Adam Sandler (Comedian)

Brad Abrams (AJAX) 

Sean Hayes (Comedian, Will and Grace)
Brian Goldfarb (Web Platform)
Jerry Ferrara (Actor, Entourage)

Brian Keller (VSTS Evangelism)

Neil Patrick Harris (Actor)

Dan Fernandez (Non-Pro Tools)

Matt Dillon (Crash)
Darryl Schaffer (Evangelism)
Alan Rickman (Actor, Die Hard)

David Weller (XNA)

Timothy Busfield (Actor)
Don Box (WCF)

Matt Groening (Simpsons creator)

Ed Kaim (ex-MSFT)

Steve Harwell (Singer, Smash Mouth)

Eric Gunnerson (ex-DevDiv, Movie Maker)
Willem Dafoe (Platoon)
Finula Crowe (DPE, Australia)

Elizabeth Hurley
Jay Roxe (VS Pro Tools)

Kevin Bacon
Jeffrey Snover (PowerShell)
Harold Ramis (Ghostbusters)

John Montgomery (Non-Pro Tools)
Vincent Donofrio (Full Metal Jacket)
Jono Wells (Pro Tools)
Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)

Josh Ledgard (Deveoper Community)
Josh Hartnett (Black Hawk Down) 
Larry Osterman (Windows Audio)
Robbie Coltrane (Harry Potter)
Mark Boulter (WPF Tools)
A slender Wayne Knight ("Newman")
Rick Samona (Compete)
Stevo (Jackass)
Sara Ford (Developer Comunity)
Amy Poehler (Saturday Night Live)
Scott Guthrie (Web Platform)
Michael Wincott (Alien: Resurrection)
Tony Goodhew (Orcas Planning)
Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk)
Mike Swanson (VSTS Evangelism)
Matthew Perry (Comedian, Friends)
Wes Hutchins (Non-Pro tools)
Peyton Manning (NFL Quarterback)
Chris Flores (Windows)
Ralph Macchio (Actor, Karate Kid)
Raymond Chen (Windows)
Masi Oka (Actor, Heroes)
Ian Knox (VSTS)
Paul Bettany (Actor, DaVinci Code)


Who am I missing? Who do you think is the closest match to their famous self? I couldn't decide who Raymond Chen, Dare Obasanjo, Jeff Sandquist or Rory Blyth look like, but I'm open to ideas or other famous 'softies you think have famous counterparts.


Now back to actual work :)