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  • Blog Post: My Picks for PDC 2009

    With a little over a month to go before Microsoft’s biggest and best developer event, I wanted to pick out which PDC sessions look super interesting ( to me ) this year: Dan’s picks Windows 7 Developer Boot Camp (Mark Russinovich, Arun Kishan)– I’ll be setting up some projects during this time...
  • Blog Post: Settings1.Designer.cs Bug: Multiple settings files

    I ran into this bug today which was unfortunately closed as can't repro. I was renaming some AppSettings variable names (right click on a Project's  Properties and go to the Settings tabs) and deleting some other settings, when I did a Search/Replace for the entire solution and somehow wound up...
  • Blog Post: .NET Framework Source Code Libraries now available

    Check out Scott Guthrie's blog post for information and screenshots . Yes, you'll have to sign a license for it ( reference license ), but this is huge and a big request from customers to be able to step into actual .NET/BCL code. Currently available is Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation...
  • Blog Post: Cha-Cha-Changes

    At Microsoft, the only constant is change... It's been a wild ride as the C# Product Manager, but I'm officially changing jobs and to become the Lead Product Manager for the Visual Studio Express product line . Leaving C# was a hard decision, especially because IMNSHO, the C# team is one of the best...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Express February CTP Now Available

    A new set of Express Community Tech Preview (CTP) SKUs are now available for download. Besides new features which may or may not be stable, we also have a new product activation model where you can use Express for 30 days without having to register. After 30 days you'll need to register Express to continue...
  • Blog Post: Java Developers Migrating to .NET

    If you're a Java developer and you're interested in moving to .NET, Brian Keller points out some of the newly available training options and how to sign up for the free training . updated with correct grammar per comments
  • Blog Post: My Picks for TechEd 2005

    The list of TechEd sessions for 2005 is now up ! If you register now, you get a $300 discount Choosing sessions was *absolutely* brutal . That being said, there's still a lot of content that C# developers would be interested in. Here are my picks for sessions and events: Developer Tools/.NET Framework...
  • Blog Post: Update: Generics and CLS Compliance

    For those of you who missed this, the BCL Team officially announced that Generics for the .NET Framework 2.0 will be CLS compliant . This is awesome :) I've also updated my previous post on the subject
  • Blog Post: Eric describes his Marriage Proposal in C#

    In case you haven't seen this, Eric Maino , a lead Student Ambassador, writes C# code to describe his marriage proposal . Sure, I would've used delegates here or an async pattern there, but all-in-all an amusing read.
  • Blog Post: Spec# for Visual Studio .NET 2003

    From the research web site: The Spec# programming system is a new attempt at a more cost effective way to develop and maintain high-quality software. The system consists of: A programming methodology, which includes a sound treatment of object invariants in object-oriented programs. The Spec# programming...
  • Blog Post: Create "Notepad" in 12 minutes in this tutorial

    Okay, I admit that it's not as fully featured as Notepad, but if you want to learn about some of the IDE features in C# 2005 and you're a little hesitant to install beta software on your machin, then this tutorial is for you. It's interactive! Rather then reading an article or watching a non-interactive...
  • Blog Post: C# Team Changes

    [No time to blog, my blog queue is floating around 48 items] Joe Nalewabau and Eric Gunnerson are both moving on to other teams at Microsoft. This sucks, they're great to work with, both rock-star speakers and will be sorely missed. Best of luck to them in their new jobs :) [back to work]
  • Blog Post: Summer of Express contest entries are coming in

    Cool stuff....The first couple of entries are starting to trickle in for the Summer of Express Contest. This should be sweet!!
  • Blog Post: Mac Developers using C#

    Jeff McManus, eBay evangelist points out that C#/Mono was in the top five dev tools for Mac. It's since slipped but still floats around the top 25 . Excellent :)
  • Blog Post: Whiteboard with Anders (this time it's up for good)

    I blogged about how this was up a while ago , but it's now officially back up and should hopefully be working for everyone. MSDN TV Whiteboard with Anders
  • Blog Post: Channel9 - Anders Hejlsberg - Programming Data in C# 3.0

    Anders talks about some of the data integration capabilities coming for C# 3.0 in this Channel9 video .
  • Blog Post: Pulling Images from Google using C# Express

    *** Updated Jan 23, 2006 *** I finally got around to updating this for the final release of Visual Studio 2005. Download the updated code here . ****** My Channel9 video that uses Visual C# Express to pull images from images.google.com is now available. You can find the video on Channel9...
  • Blog Post: Differences between Express and VS 2005

    Soma points out a new MSDN page that shows the differences between Express, Pro and Visual Studio Team System.
  • Blog Post: Mono RTM & C-Omega Compiler available

    Late to the wire with these, but in case you didn't know Mono has officially hit version 1.0 and the C-Omega compiler is available for download Mono Release Notes Mono download C-Omega Compiler Preview Web site C-Omega download
  • Blog Post: Manual/Offline Installation of Express!!

    First, a quick “thank you” to the 57 people who took the time to vote on this suggestion on the MSDN Product Feedback site as well as everyone else who suggested this on blogs, Channel9 , and elsewhere, but the Express products are now available for manual download. To install manually...
  • Blog Post: Want to learn more about C# Express and creating cool applications?

    Of course you do, which is why we have a 3-part MSDN Webcast series dedicated to C# Express that shows you how to create cool applications including an instant messaging application and Poker in C#!! I will be giving the first MSDN Webcast which will be a tour of C# Express, the RSS Screensaver and some...
  • Blog Post: John Kennedy blogs about C# Express

    John Kennedy, the man behind the local docs that come with C# Express has a couple of blog entries on C# Express you should definitely check out: C# Express: Getting Started C# Express: My Favorite IDE Tricks C# Express: Refactorwhating? He also has some fun samples in the way for MSDN...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Beta 1/Express News

    There's been lots of news coverage on Visual Studio Beta 1, the MSDN relaunch, and of course Express . Soma, the Developer Division VP blogged about Express and the Express contest Our Express blog is up and rolling The ASP.NET Forums have good coverage of Visual Web Developer Express ...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Beta 1 SDK & Redist now on MSDN

    If you're not interested in using Express or if you want to use the tools available in the .NET Framework SDK (ildasm, wincv, etc), you can download the SDKs (and redists) at the locations provided below: .NET Framework 2.0 SDK betas (by proc type) .NET Framework 2.0 SDK Beta 1 x86 .NET Framework...
  • Blog Post: Summer of Express Contest

    In coordination with the launch of the Express products , I'm “Super-Excited”™ to announce the Summer of Express Contest on Channel9 !!! It's time to break out the hot dogs and belt out some code as the good folks at Channel9 our hosting the Summer of Express Contest! All you need...
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