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September, 2005

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About Point2Share

I'm a Rapid Response Engineer for Microsoft based in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. I provide both proactive and reactive services for our SharePoint customers.

This blog is a place for me to drop information about SharePoint and related technologies.

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    Maurice is in London AND having a Pint2Share

    Check out the details here: http://www.bluedoglimited.com/SharePointThoughts/ViewPost.aspx?ID=199 The real kicker for me is that I will be in Estonia and wont be able to make it. Will be an excellent opportunity to talk straight to the horses mouth...
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    Andre Kieft in DA BLOG HOUSE!

    I’m fighting very hard to not continue the swash-buckling water and ocean theme of the latest Microsoft SharePoint blogger to “dip his toe in the water” (ok, so I’m not doing that well!)… Andre Kieft, fellow Pint2Sharer , fellow Support Engineer here...
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    New SmartPart V1.1

    Jan has just released a new version of the SmartPart, it’s all over the blog world! http://weblogs.asp.net/jan/archive/2005/09/05/424463.aspx
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    SharePoint Best Practice: Start with just one portal

    This post could be a little controversial, however I’m going to put it out there, put my head down, and then look forward to hearing responses from others. Let me start with this statement: “In an ideal world, all customers would deploy just one Portal...
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