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  • Blog Post: Working with Web Part Pages Tip #3 - Making your navigation control expandable

    The title on these posts is getting long, must be snappier! This is the third post in my “Working with Web Part Pages” series, and in this post I will step through how to group together pages by creating an “expanding/collapsing” style navigation. This becomes important as the number of pages in your...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint and RSS

    John Durant , who has an excellent and widely read blog, posted about SharePoint and RSS today after a friend asked him if he knew of any web parts. I did a post back here about SharePoint and RSS, but suspect it’s out of date (hmmm…this is where Wiki’s work right?), so below is my update. Apologies...
  • Blog Post: OLD CONTENT: Office 2003 Add-in: Web Parts and Components

    I know it really looks like I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel with this post, but I’m not, honest, I have hundreds of exciting <grin> posts just waiting to be written. No really! It’s just that I get requests all the time for information about where to get that “Groovy...
  • Blog Post: Is it taking ages to display the gallery when you are trying to add a web part?

    If you find it can sometimes take 20–30 seconds to return the web part gallery so that you can drop a web part onto a web part page then this post is for you. The problem may be because SharePoint is trying to contact the online web part gallery, however, if your machine is not connected to the...
  • Blog Post: Release: SmartPart for SharePoint

    I think I have been a little slow on this one, but congratulations Jan , great job, a truly useful web part that I’m sure will become part of every SharePointers toolbox! The SmartPart is released! Get it here: SmartPart for SharePoint: Workspace Home
  • Blog Post: Tool - Syndication Generator

    Maurice keeps improving his Syndication Generator, version 2 just released. Syndication Generator
  • Blog Post: SAP Integration Tools Released on GotDotNet

    A good mate of mine ( Michael Alexander ) was involved in putting some of this together so it's sure to be good! InfoWorld: Microsoft supplementing SharePoint apps integration: August 09, 2004: By Paul Krill : APPLICATION_DEVELOPMENT : APPLICATIONS : NETWORKING : WEB_SERVICES Integration with SAP...
  • Blog Post: How To Create A Footer

    We recently had a discussion internally about what the "Best Practice" might be for implementing "Page Footer" type functionality on WSS/Portal pages (well at least the default.aspx ones). I thought it might be useful to summarise some of the ideas we had, and see if anyone else out there had some others...
  • Blog Post: Very interesting: Unleash Your Site's Potential with Web Parts and Personalization in ASP.NET 2.0

    This article discusses: Easy portal development in ASP.NET 2.0 Quick customization techniques Creating Web Parts Personalization and other data stores Credentials and personalization http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/04/06/ASPNET20Portals/default.aspx
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