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June, 2004

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    First Avalon 3D Demo...

    Having my roots in the Amiga platform it should be no surprise that my first Avalon 3D demo would be inspired by the famous demo by RJ Mical . (As a historical note, the first draft of this demo was written while waiting on a code review for the...
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    Avalon 3D Video Segment

    Kerry Hammil, a program manager with the Avalon team, discusses the goals and features of 3D support in Avalon and walks through writing your first Avalon 3D application in this 30 minute video segment ( 56K , 150K or 300K ). You will want to be sure...
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    Longhorn on Virtual PC

    I was asked if Longhorn runs on Virtual PC. I haven't tried build 4074 first hand, but according to Stephen McGibbons it is “a breeze” to setup, performance is acceptable, and he even shows it running 3D in his screenshot .
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    X-file to Xaml Converter

    IanG posted a small utility which reads in a Direct3D mesh (.x file) and writes out the equivalent Xaml. The conversion is a bit lossy at the moment (no texture coordinates, material or animation support) and it requires the MDX runtime (not installed...
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    Avalon 3D Hit Testing Demo

    One area where the Avalon platform blurs the line between 2D and 3D is with our hit testing services. It's easy to discover that we support traditional ray/mesh hit testing via the Model3D.HitTest(...) API, but rarely does the user want to initiate hit...
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    Xaml - Your unofficial 3D file format...

    Since I made the assertion in my last post that Xaml is as good a way as any to import 3D models I have received a few requests for more information on the "Xaml 3D file format". Clearly Xaml is so much more than a 3D file format (or should I say so much...
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    IanG's First Look at 3-D Support in Avalon

    MSDN just published an introductory article on 3D support in Avalon by fellow blogger Ian Griffiths of DevelopMentor. The article is liberal with screenshots and provides a good mapping between the high level concepts and the Avalon object model. It's...
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