March, 2009

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About An Emphathetic Listener

I am an empathetic listener. Obviously, it's not a title as much as it represents my worldview as someone who feels others have much to say and I want to take it in. It also reflects my desire to comprehend the value of what other people have to say and to leverage it for mutual benefit.  Above all, I'm curious about many things and this blog will reflect the varied nature of my curiosity. Warning: Sometimes I take one for the team and produce "Homer" entries for my employer :).

All entries in this blog are my opinion and don't necessarily reflect the opinion of my employer or sponsors.

Twitter: @djwillis

  • An Empathetic Listener

    Good News on the Interoperability Front

    Like many folks within Microsoft, I come from a background that includes many different technology approaches/solutions to business problems. That being said, interoperability is a crucial element for enterprise applications.  I’m happy to say that...
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