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April, 2006

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Who is Danny Chen?

A little about who is providing this information....

  To start with (after all, it's tatooed all over this blog), my name is Danny Chen.  You might have also guessed that I work for Microsoft.  Specifically, I work in the Client & Web Platform and Tools team as a SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test).  My job is to test and provide QA for some of the features that are going into the next version of Visual Web Developer.

  I used to work as a tester on the ASP.NET framework team.  Some of the features I worked on for ASP.NET 2.0 include:  SiteMapPath, Menu, TreeView, ImageMap, and compilationMode="Never" flag.

  However, all of us testers are collectively responsible for ensuring that the quality of ASP.NET and Visual Studio is as good as we can possibly make it so I (like many of my colleagues) tend to be involved in a lot more than just my features.

  I'm really excited about working on Visual Web Developer (and having worked on ASP.NET).  Nearly all of the features I work on are a result of innovation or customer need.  This is taking direct feedback from you guys about what you want to see and making it happen. 

  A lot of times, we come up with cool ways of putting a lot of flexibility into features but it can really make it difficult to work with.  And that's where this blog becomes important.  Even knowing the intimate details of my features, I still find some things confusing, difficult, or not obvious.  So, when I figure them out, I'll write about them.  Hopefully, one of you won't have to spend the time I did figuring out the solution or it inspires a new way to use our tools.  With a little luck, look for new posts about once per week, I think that'll be a fair target for me.  Well looks like I blew this part so far, good thing the RSS syndication works.

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