During my session at the TechEd 2009 in Los Angeles last week, I've demonstrated a demo implementation of a pretty compelling S+S scenario, during which I've connected on-premise running ESB and BizTalk Server 2009 components to the Microsoft Azure Services Platform using new BizTalk LiveMesh Adapter and BizTalk .NET Services (ISB) Adapter.

TechEd attendees can watch the recorded session at the following link: http://www.msteched.com/online/view.aspx?tid=df66d11d-4e29-450a-b468-323b552aef8b

After the session talking to many of the attendees who watched my demo, I've decided not only to extend the BizTalk "Cloud" Adapters to include other Azure Services components such as SQL Data Services and .NET Routing and Queue Services, but also to make these adapters available for public through our open source community (CodePlex) or similiar.

So, if you're looking for ways to integrate your on-premise complex SOA solutions running BizTalk orchestration and ESB Guidance itineraries with Microsoft cloud computing operating platform (Azure Services) stay tuned for future announcement on availability of BizTalk Cloud Adapters.