As this is my fipo I’ll write a little bit about myself so you know where things are coming if it seems completely insane :)
I am a developer at Microsoft, come to think of it for about 5 ½ years now as of this post. I am currently working on the extremely cool and exciting
Volta project. Last year I worked together with the Visual Basic team on some VB9 Linq features. Like lambda’s, Type Inference for method invocation and Relaxed Delegates. Previously I worked on InfoPath Forms Server and InfoPath the client application. Before that I got my Masters degree from University Utrecht. Actually my current manager Erik Meijer (1, 2) was my Professor over there. Before that of course high school and more immature stuff. I'm making no claims of having outgrown this ;)

Spare time is currently spent remodeling, snowboarding or soccer.

If you would like info about a specific subject of Volta, please let me know and I’ll consider blogging about it.
Expect a variety of posts, but hopefully mostly about Volta.