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June, 2007

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Why, exactly am I doing this?

My name is Dante Gagne. I'm a software tester/dev for Expression Blend, and I've been working with the product for almost as long as it's been around.

I'm working at getting more into the community, and I've put together some training videos in conjunction with Total Training, so some folks may have heard of me.

Simply put, I experiment and play with Blend a lot, and sometimes, I stumble across something cool. When I do that, I like to post it up here. Also, I get e-mail from time to time from people who read my blog, and when I can, I like to post answers here. I figure that for everyone who sends me an e-mail, there are probably a couple dozen who don't.

So, feel free to drop me a message, and if it's something I know how to do, I'll try to post a response here. Otherwise, enjoy my ramblings, and let me know if you find something particularly useful :).

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    Command line arguments

    Ok, this was really bugging me... I needed to figure out how to create a Window application, and parse in the command line arguments. I know how to do it with a Console application, but not a Window app. So, how do you do it? Well, it's a little tricky...
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    Calligraphy in Ink!

    Ok, this is something I think is kinda cool... one of my side hobbies is calligraphy. I've been doing it since I was in early high school, and there's something graceful in the old style of writing. Well, as far as I knew, an InkCanvas only allows either...
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    Calligraphy In Ink! (Part 2)

    Ok, see this is what happens when I have some time to 'play' with Blend. My previous post showed how to modify the stylus tip to get something akin to a calligraphy pen. But, the pen that I got most recently got is called a scroll point. The tip itself...
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