Well, the link isn't QUITE active yet, but if you go to http://expression.microsoft.com/en-us/dd565875.aspx you will see the Overview information for Blend 3, and there's a link to download the Blend 3 RC. Now, at *THIS* particular moment, it doesn't seem like it's up there, but the link on that page should go live very shortly.

I've been with the team for 6 and a half years now, and Blend continues to be something I'm very passionate about. To be completely honest, since I wasn't a big Silverlight fanatic, the jump from Blend v1 to Blend v2 didn't feel like a huge jump. Yes, there were TONS of under-the-cover changes that went into the product, so it could support Silverlight and things like that... but the jump from v2 to v3 is TREMENDOUS. Sketchflow is awesome. Silverlight support is awesome. Behaviors are awesome. Sample Data is awesome. I can go on for days, believe me. (In fact, if you look at all the training classes and things I've done internally, I *HAVE* gone on for days).

Grab it. Check it out. Let me know what you think.

Time to change the world. Again :).