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  • Blog Post: XBox 360 Live Gamertags in Blend!

    The honorable Major Nelson just posted that someone created a Vista Gadget that will display the GamerTag information for your friends on XBox Live. Well, for those who don't know, if I'm not mistaken, Vista Gadgets are generally written in Silverlight (Please correct me if someone knows better). ...
  • Blog Post: Databinding to CLR Objects

    I'm sure everyone else runs into these issues all the time, but every time I have to do this, I end up pulling up MSDN and looking all of this up. It's not too efficient, so I'm going to drop a few points here for reference. First: Binding a basic type (String, Int, etc...) For starters, if the...
  • Blog Post: Integer to Roman Numeral Value Converter

    Databinding uses Value Converters to bind a value in one component's "Language" to another. For instance, there's a converter that converts a boolean to a "Visibility" in WPF. So, True is mapped to Visible, False is mapped to Hidden, etc... By using it, we can virtually databind any two elements together...
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