I am Dan Truax – General Manager at Microsoft for a few major online customer web sites including MSDN, TechNet, Expression, and CodePlex. If you would like to know more about me, click here.


I decided to start this blog because we are in the process of making some major changes to MSDN and TechNet. Going forward, and especially now, we want to have a much more direct and transparent discussion with you and make sure we have your feedback as we go along.


The biggest change I'm talking about is that we're beginning a process of re-inventing MSDN and TechNet as community-driven sites where customers are at the center of the experience, and social experiences enable their success.


Our vision is to be the largest and most vibrant online community for developers and IT professionals, enabling easy connections to the best resources and most knowledgeable people from Microsoft and the global community.


That means we're opening up the sites to much more direct participation and contribution from the global developer and IT community. Ultimately that means two significant changes:


1.       MSDN and TechNet will include content, samples, scripts and code that are created and contributed by our customers in addition to what is developed and authored by Microsoft.  

2.       Content, whether customer- or Microsoft-created, will be prioritized for placement and discoverable largely by customers through social activities such as tagging and rating.


Going forward, I will be using this blog to share more details on our direction and update you on the progress we are making. 


We want your input and feedback - here are two ways you can do that: First, is to respond to this blog.  The second is that we have created new forums to allow Q&A and discussion on the future of TechNet and MSDN.  You can access those forums on MSDN Forums and TechNet Forums.