As many of you have heard, at TechEd we are planning to preview our work on adding a Social Bookmarking capability for MSDN, TechNet and Expression. This is starting to get some attention on many blogs and other sites across the internet.  Many posts have been somewhat ambiguous as to the purpose of our Social Bookmarking capability and some have also speculated that this is an announcement that Microsoft is releasing a Social Bookmarking "product".

The bookmarking capability that will be previewed at TechEd is specific to MSDN, TechNet and Expression.  We have three primary goals for this.

  1. Allow customers to save their favorite bookmarks for IT, Developer and Designer related content within Microsoft and across the internet. 
  2. Allow customers to see what is viewed as important by their peers and experts in the community
  3. Provide customers appropriate recognition for the contributions they make to the community using our social capabilities

This is not an announcement of a new Microsoft "product".  It is a follow on announcement to the blog post I wrote on May 14th where we announced our investments in MSDN, TechNet, and Expression as emerging social platforms.