In May, when I first blogged on our social vision, I also said that we'd publish more information about our site and platform roadmap. We're ready to start doing that now. They best way to begin the conversation is to first talk about our investments themes.


Think of themes as high-level things that we think are important. They are...


An Integrated Site Experience

MSDN and TechNet have evolved over time as a family of loosely connected function-specific sites, like the Library, Forums, Blogs, and Centers. While this has allowed each site/app to innovate around its core task, the overall site experience has become fragmented, making it harder than it should be to use, and lowering success rates with core tasks like Learning and Troubleshooting.  We are in the process of unifying all of our major sites and apps on a single set of services for UX and navigation, search, tagging, and identity. This means single sign on, centralized profile and recognition points, and better usability.


Better Discovery

It probably comes as no surprise that the #1 driver of customer satisfaction on MSDN and TechNet is simple discoverability. People are happy and satisfied when they find what they need. We are working towards improving discoverability from several angles including ongoing enhancements to our site search, site and center design, and the intelligent surfacing of "related" and "community recommended" content.


Enabling Social Connections

We are opening the sites up to the technical community so that people can better connect and share knowledge. This means enabling people to have rich identities on our sites, contribute content, find each other, form groups, and collaborate.