Balmer gave the keynote address to a packed crowd. He brought up the mission of doing more with less. Our industry along with education and healthcare have the chance to change people's lives. Everyone in our field has that opportunity. There are so many ways in which we can truly make a difference.

.NET is becoming more prevalent. Take a look at Visual Studio, Windows Server 2003, Longhorn, Office, Yukon (next version of SQL), and so on. The list of .NET compatible products is increasing. Microsoft is really making a big bet and a programming shift into .NET.

We're also betting on Visual Studio 2005 Team System (Burton). This is our end-to-end solution for developing a product. It will allow you to manage a product from specification, to bug tracking, to stress testing, and so on.

A lot of cool things are happening.


I received this information by one of program managers, Kevin Morrill, attending the conference.