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Visual Studio .NET Developer

July, 2004

  • !Dan Vallejo's WebLog!

    Heads Down on Express Skus

    I've been heads down investigating fixes for the Express skus. I want to thank everyone for their help in assisting me. I've emailed many of you to get more information. We are making changes to make the Express skus more robust when downloading...
  • !Dan Vallejo's WebLog!

    Express Download Failure Investigation

    I'm currently investigating the source of the download failures for the Express skus. Our number one problem is that we are seeing timeout problems. Unfortunately, that could be caused by many factors, including just Internet problems. Please contact...
  • !Dan Vallejo's WebLog!

    Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition Beta Setup

    We finally put the Express skus up on the web. Our first attempt was on Wednesday at midnight. We've been working on making our setups downloadable. We use the BITS technology to download the files and then install them. One of the major reasons for...
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