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October, 2004

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    C# 2.0 Generic Interfaces

    Just as in generic classes, it is useful to define generic interfaces. It's useful to define generic interfaces for collections such as linked lists. In this example, we are defining a generic interface that requires T to be a reference type. // File...
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    C# 2.0 Constraints on Generic Types

    You can also set up constraints on generic classes. What if you wanted to create a generic list of objects that derived from a certain base class? This would allow you call certain functions that existed in that class. By constraining the type, you increase...
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    C# 2.0 Generics

    Visual Studio 2005 also introduces the next version of C#. C# 2.0 introduces generics, iterators, partial class definitions, nullable types, anonymous methods, the :: operator, static classes, accessor accessibility, fixed sized buffers (unsafe), friend...
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    Test Driven Development

    If you go up to http://www.msdn.com/express it takes you to the beta versions of the Express skus. It has some cool features that help out in doing Test Driven development. For example, when you have an open file of a project a refactor menu option shows...
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