If you go up to http://www.msdn.com/express it takes you to the beta versions of the Express skus.

It has some cool features that help out in doing Test Driven development.

For example, when you have an open file of a project a refactor menu option shows up.

The Extract Method... option is used to extract out code from a function. Visual Studio will look at the variables used in the code block and create a new method based on the required data. Be careful to not include code that contains break or continue statements.

The Rename... option is used to rename all occurences of the selected variable/function/property/etc to a new name. The Preview Changes dialog shows you the changes that are about to be made. It also verifies the changes by compiling the code as well. All the code changes are highlighted. This ensures that existing code doesn't break.

The Encapsulate Field... option is used to convert a public field into a public property. Make sure the public field is lower-case before you do this. Otherwise, you will need to name the property something else.

The Extract Interface... option is used to create an interface based on public functions and properties. It will also mark the class as implementing the interface.

The Promote Local Variable to Parameter option is used to convert a local variable into a parameter. It will also change all calls to the function based on the assigned value of the local variable.

The Remove Parameters... will change all calls to the function to no longer pass the parameter.

The Reorder Parameters... will change all calls to the function to use the new ordering.

Note: The Refactor Menu only shows up when a project or solution is open.

I'll talk about C# 2.0 features next ...