First off, I can't figure out how do fonts in the blog editor I have.  You see the system ones in my last posting because I did a cut and paste from a draft email, but direct entry.  I don't know.

I'll be how to make the fonts the way I want is documented, and I just have to find it and read it.  Hmm...we'll see if I can handle that or not.

So, what's new?  I let Ben buy a new video game that is really, really "bad".  I won't mention the name, but I consider it ultra-violent and offensive.  I had no idea.  Perhaps I should actually look at the games before I buy them.  IMHO, the rating system doesn't really tell you much.

Regardless, we're returning it tonight.  We won't get full refund, but we can sell it as "used" to EB.  They'll give us a credit for another game.

Ohh.  Yesterday, some guy here at work sold me two 256MB memory strips.  At first, I thought they were 512MB each, but they're not. The price was right.  After carefully ensuring they were the right kind of memory for my sons' Dells at home (identical systems), I bought them.

Then, I installed the two 256MB chips in Bobby's system.  I told Bobby, "I'm upgrading your memory to a faster, more reliable memory."  This statement is true.  The kind of memory I bought was top notch.  The dude selling it got a new motherboard for his home system and didn't need it any longer. 

The part I didn't tell Bobby is that I took out his one 512MB strip and put it in Ben's system.  Now, Ben has 1GB RAM and Bobby still has the 512MB he had before (albiet "more reliable and faster" mwa haa haa).

I told Ben my trickery.  He was like, "But Dad!  Bobby is your first son!  Why are you giving me the extra memory?"

Simple:  I play Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) on my system and Ben's system.  I don't play on Bobby's system.  I'm going to upgrade Ben's to the more playable state. (FYI, you really need 1GB memory and a 128MB video card to play SWG).

He was like, "Can we tell Bobby anyway?"



"No.  Don't tell him."

"How about in a few days?"


"A few weeks?"


"How about in a few years?"

"Okay.  In a few years."

Ben's really having a hard time with this deception.  We both know if Bobby found out Ben got the upgrade it'd be a lot of:  "Why did Ben get it and not me?  Are you going to upgrade me soon?  When?  Why not?  It's not fair.  How come Ben gets the upgrade?  You know, I gave Ben $17.00 for that video game.  I did.  I should get the upgrade too.  Why not?"

So, we keep our collective traps shut, and I don't have to hear it from Bobby.

Oh yeah, Brittany wanted to know what memory her system.  She has Ben's old system.  It's a PIII 650MHz with 256MB RAM. I told you, "You have 256MB and Ben has 1GB." 


Well, she does Hotmail. What do you really need for Hotmail?  Heh?