I'm still working on that webclient issue.

I think I'm going to have to setup a kernel-mode debug, which is pretty easy to do except I need a second system to do the debugging from.  I think I'll just use my laptop rather than asking the lab to create one for me.

Well, looking at the web client code, I seem to see some logging functionality.  I love to jump on logging functionality -- even if it's a waste of my time. 

Well, none of my logging experimentation has panned out.  I have no log file.  I've broken into the process to see if the debug logging functionality even exists in the binary I built.  We'll see.

As I'm investigating further, I find I am stupid and don't know hex.  Now, I also find the log file won't be created if it's not there.  I create it but it still can't access it.  I set permissions to Everyone Full Control, and now it can access it but it doesn't write to it.

Well, I'm still trying to figure this out.  At the minimum, I should be able to get a debug monitor output, but I want more!

That's all for today.