Kinda funny name, but I was honored to give a security presentation on Microsoft's latest security initiatives and progress, at the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (Ah... that's what it stands for). In conjunction with NISER we, Microsoft, delivered an Incident Response and Computer Forensics Workshop.

Not that I'm an expert on forensics, in case you're wondering, that's certainly NISER's area, but it was an excellent opportunity to meet the industry leaders in this area from around the region, including local representatives from the Government, the NISER team, and even AusCERT. We shared some excellent dialog on the differences in approaches for specific case studies, and also the differences in cyberlaws and procedures, especially between Australia and Malaysia; that was certainly interesting for me.

Once again, it was an excellent opportunity to spend time with the security community and get direct (some of it very direct) feedback as to Microsoft's current initiatives (most of which have been covered this week at the RSA conference) and progress, and where we can improve further.