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March, 2004

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“Darien recently returned to Australia joining Microsoft Brisbane in December 2010, after being based in Microsoft Malaysia for 8 years, and generally being based in Asia for the last 20 years. He has been involved in IT since his school days and holds various Microsoft certifications in Core Infrastructure, Application Platform and Database Technology. Additionally, he holds an MSc in Software Engineering from Staffordshire University. His current areas of expertise are the Windows Server Application Platform, Security and Enterprise Application Integration including Mainframe Integration. Darien is currently the Application Platform Solution Specialist for all things Microsoft, and when he’s not producing or mixing albums in his Windows-based digital recording studio at home, he’s helping Australia’s largest customers realise business value and improve their customers’ lives through Microsoft-based solutions and software.”

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    Microsoft Malaysia goes "Off-site"... for two days

    Microsoft is an amazing company to work for. It's an incredible environment where we as employees all are encouraged to realize our potential in everything we do. As a person, I've developed so much in just the last couple of years, and on so many different...
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    Hitchhiker's Guide Film Reports

    This is the first in a series of postings (I hope) of little glimpses into my life and my thoughts; for those that are curious of course. Too often, in my job, I think we focus on technology, when what really matters is the trust and the relationships...
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    Microsoft launches BizTalk Server 2004.. oh yeah!

    At last, it's official! We've launched the biggest improvement in our integration software that I've seen since it all started with BizTalk Server 2000. Yep, BizTalk Server 2004 (which is Version 3.0 for us) is officially out there, and I'm very excited...
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