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Microsoft launches BizTalk Server 2004.. oh yeah!

Microsoft launches BizTalk Server 2004.. oh yeah!

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At last, it's official! We've launched the biggest improvement in our integration software that I've seen since it all started with BizTalk Server 2000. Yep, BizTalk Server 2004 (which is Version 3.0 for us) is officially out there, and I'm very excited that I can finally share its tremendously enhanced feature set with my customers.  

You can read what CNET News.com have to say. Wow, interesting quote from IBM in there too; don't think they've quite caught hold of our integration philosophy with a comment like that, but maybe that's just a reflection of the changing face of the integration game anyway; MQSeries all over the place is only one way to solve the problem. Certainly with BizTalk Server 2004, there are lots of options available (we can use many transports including MQSeries), and most of them are coming from a non-intrusive angle wherever possible; that's how it should be right? Anyway, enough preaching (for now). I hope that all of you get a chance to check it out first hand now, and get as excited as I am about this super cool release.

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  • Just installed RTM. Great stuff, my sincere congrats!
  • Hi Darienn,

    Is it okay if i can get a copy of biztalk server 2004 demo cd?

    I had been looking forward to try it, just no chance.

    Can a normal pc runs that software or it needs to be a high end servers?

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