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Microsoft Malaysia goes "Off-site"... for two days

Microsoft Malaysia goes "Off-site"... for two days

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Microsoft is an amazing company to work for. It's an incredible environment where we as employees all are encouraged to realize our potential in everything we do. As a person, I've developed so much in just the last couple of years, and on so many different levels too. And really, it's the way Microsoft does things that inspires me. Here's a case in point.

Last week the whole company (minus only a few with prior super important engagements), nearly one hundred of us in all, spent a couple of days together in a team-building experiential off-site. What does that mean? That means, the whole company split into four assigned groups, participating in various reasonably rigorous physical activities, all in the name of team-building. Kinda like an army boot camp, but no where near as strenuous, and much less, “Yes, Sir!”. And the physical activities? Stuff like swinging from ropes, climbing 12 foot walls, abseiling, negotiating obstacle courses, trekking through the tropical jungle in the middle of the night, various other “team“ activities out in the Malaysian sun (or night)... oh boy.

I was in team 'A' which was later to be known as team ACE. Here we are. Happy bunch. So where was this? Genting Highlands; so not that far from Kuala Lumpur. It was certainly an experience for me, as I'm not what you would call a 'nature person'. You can probably tell that from my expression in this company-wide 'outside' activity. I think the caption should read, “Oookay we're listening.. you want us to stand here and do what??“. Guess which one is me (clue: the handsome one, third from the left). ;-P

So, in the end what did it all mean to me.

  • Well, I learnt a couple of things about myself; you do that when absaling down 60ft drops.
  • I got paired up with the Enterprise and Partner Group Director as my room mate. That was definitely cool!
  • I learned a lot more about my fellow employees, that brought us closer; this was really the highlight for me.
  • And the list goes on...

Good on you, Microsoft!. I don't know many other companies that take time out like this to invest and develop their staff.


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  • Darien, who/what are you looking at...
  • Hi Woon Kiat,

    Actually, for that photo, the whole company was standing in a circle (100 people, BIG circle) and the instructor was in the middle. So he would give us simple activities to do while we were standing there and share stuff. Little exercises to make you think.
  • Haha, may be this make a good interview/brain-teaser question. Anyway, are you at the MIND 2 weeks ago? I attended the gathering, overall I would say I am a bit disappointed...
  • Hi Woon Kiat. Why are you disappointed in the MIND 2 weeks ago? Any feedback?
  • Hi Chua,

    First, I would like to applause Microsoft effort to organize the MIND, to bring all developers together. Thumb up on this.

    Overall all the sessions are fine, as they targeted different audiences. Like KISS is more for beginner/student, .Net CF for mobile device developers. If not mistaken, there's a session for delphi.net developers. Although I may not find those sessions relevant to me as a windows developer.

    The one I would like to comment is the last session, the round-table. First, I found the one who plan for this session seems does not understand .Net very well. The topic is to compare different .Net languages from the perpective of performance, exceptions handling, etc. As we know, all .Net languages are compiled against the same underlying framework, and all framework features like exception handling are provided and available to all languages. So the comparison among different languages do not make much sense. Also a few guests making some false statements and facts on C# and .Net, which I feel would mislead the audiences.

    This is just my personal opinion. Anyway, I still feel upbeat about MIND and hope they do a better job in the future.
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