I really like this commentary I just read by Tom Quinn (on CNET) on what really HPC is all about. As you've seen in my previous postings, I'm somewhat of a self professed HPC "evangelist" for the Windows platform, but that aside for the minute, I'm in total agreement with Tom when he says that, "The acquisition of a fast system that doesn't help solve an organization's problems is a colossal waste of time and money". Yep, you bet it is! And that's really an advantage of the current economic down in my view, in that people are really looking at HPC to solve problems that will help them as an organization move forward, rather than HPC just being solely a political trophy for those with the funding.

I'm highly optimistic about HPC and what's to come, especially some of the HPC efforts we are working on, and even locally in Malaysia I'm starting to see some early interest in everyday companies looking to HPC to solve their unique business problems. I'm all for getting HPC into the mainstream; into the hands of organizations that really want to leverage it.

Good on you, Tom. We may share enthusiasm about HPC on completely different platforms, but I certainly agree with your opinions on HPC and true productivity.


Check out the current Top500 list here, and, of course, Microsoft's HPC site here.