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The Microsoft Customer Care Framework training in Singapore

The Microsoft Customer Care Framework training in Singapore

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I just came back from 3 days of training in Singapore on the Microsoft Customer Care Framework, and I must say that I'm pretty damn impressed with its ability to address agent pain within the call centre. What I like about it is:-

  • The best non-disruptive technology that I've seen.
    It works with what you have, so your existing customer care applications don't require modification; you can just host them within the CCF agent desktop.
  • Easy to develop.
    Essentially the CCF desktop application is a .NET Application with all the source code (shared source) supplied. It comes ready-to-go, whilst, at the same time, it's super-straight forward to modify. Lovely.
  • Supports our existing integration technologies.
    If you want to do back-end integration and build a portal-type application on CCF then this is also supported using our existing technologoes (eg. Windows Server, BizTalk Server, SQL Server etc.). So it's your choice; integration at the agent's desktop, integration at the back-end with BizTalk etc., or a combination of front-end or back-end integration. Flexibility; lovely once again. :-)

If you haven't already, check out the flash presentation on our CCF site. You'll get a look at the agent desktop and see how the CCF can bring all these applications together.

Since coming back to Malaysia, everyone that I've showed this to has been super-impressed at how it addresses the "enternal non-integrated helpdesk applications" problem that agents face everyday, and I am too. If any of you have played with this or have any additional thoughts, drop me a comment. I'd love to hear your feedback.

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  • First, let me introduce, my name is Diogo Carvalho from the company To-Be, Portugal.

    Here at To-Be, we are starting to enter the world of the Customer Care Framework
    and the Connected Services Framework, but it hasn’t been easy.

    Currently, we're trying to close our software arquitechture decision for a new
    Customer Care application.

    There is quite a bit of documentation missing and the SDK we got from MSDN aren’t really
    up to standard, since the examples don’t even compile out of the box.
    ( downloaded CCF SDK from MSDN Subscriptions Downloads )

    Is there any alternative information, books, blogs, links about CCF.

    With Microsoft, we were thinking of Enterprise Library 2.0 and other application blocks from
    Microsoft Patterns and Pratices, but not beeing able to compile and see the CCF ...
    coexisting with EL.

    Would appreciate some help in CCF .....


  • Could you please state who you got training from?
  • Maclean: The training we attended was delivered by the Product Group themselves to largely an internal Microsoft audience. And within that, it was divided into a pre-sales portion and a technical portion that focussed on development of the agent desktop. Certainly within Asia Pacific, I'm not aware of any external/public training that has been delivered on CCF.

    Diogo: I get this request quite a bit and currently there isn't a lot of deep technical info on CCF that's is available out there. I know that the Product Group were working on some additional documentation, but I'm not sure what the time frame is on that.
  • Hi Darien

    Let me Introduce Myself.My Name is John Mcleren.And I am currently working on CCF.I would like to know is there any way we can Integrate Non Microsoft Hosted Application like Siebel's CRM with CCF.

    I would be thankful if you can provide me with some useful information on the same.

    I would also be thankful to you if you can provide e-mail ID of an expert in CCF so that I can ask Development Related Queries to the same.

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Hi,

    If there is anyone interested on attendind a MS CCF - Customer Care Framework technical training, feel free to contact me.


    Our team is specialized in customer care optimization using MS CCF and have delivered dozens of trainings worldwide on MS CCF.


    Peter Van Kerkhove


  • Can you tell me how many users CCF can support concurrently?

  • I just started learning about the Customer Care Framework recently.  I was really surprised that MS was in this space and made such a great product.  We aggregated multiple technologies from WIN32, Siebel to green screens with ease.  The web services were exposed within CCF in minutes.  The cross-app workflow was sweet and reduced many of our typical manual steps by half or more with a best case of bringing a process down from 52 steps to 5!!!

    Cool stuff, highly reccomend.

  • Hi,

    Can anyone help with the CCF training in India?

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  • Is there any training scheduled in UK for CCF by microsoft?

  • We tried to install this beast.  What a nightmare.  Once it was done we found it all requires custom work.  Nothing prepackaged.  The positive post above must be from a sales guy astroturfing it.

  • Hi. i´m new in MS CCF, but i have a lot of cuestions about installation for managing de admin console from mi pc... i already install de MS CCF on a server, but when i tried to install it in mi pc i can open de IAD, it only send me an error message like "System.Sonfiguration.ConfigurationErrorsException: LSN0100:Error encountered while attemping to access the configuration web service."

    Can anyone help me??

    How much is the cost for the training? i want to take it...

    Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english

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