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Computerworld Malaysia, "People make or break security"

Computerworld Malaysia, "People make or break security"

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I recently participated in Computerworld Malaysia's security forum where local vendors and companies discussed enterprise security issues. It was an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and views, and what I found most interesting overall was that with such diversity of participants, we agreed on fundamental principals together. For example:-

  • Security is a process more than anything else
  • Security is an ongoing process and ever-evolving process
  • Good people with education and training form the basis for realizing a secure environment
  • Executive sponsorship and direction make secure environments happen, not just keen IT security professionals working in organisational isolation etc.. etc..

I wasn't entirely happy with my quote, since it was paraphrased for "clarity", but nonetheless I was happy to be invited by Computerworld and also to exchange views with my customers and peers.

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  • most people usually begin to learn when they felt the pain :)
    or when they aware, it is necessary.

    security should be easy to use, hard to break.
    and depend on what you want to secure.

    but current problem is, whevener  a worm hit the ie browser, the whole system could go collapsed.

    u would see a 100% cpu usage for several seconds, the worm trying to hack the svchost, after that, you see several gambling and stupid icons on your desktop :)

    idk how many ports are open by default.
    it should be like obsd, default secure mode.
    users even need to enable the apache if you want to use it.
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