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Performance tuning SQL Server 2005 (and other editions)

Performance tuning SQL Server 2005 (and other editions)

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So here's an all too common question about SQL Server performance tuning. How do I tune the overall server performance using "Priority Boost" or "Affinity Mask" or [insert system parameter here]. And you know what? The product group actually designed SQL Server to decrease what's been called the "Guru gap", or the amount of work that a "guru" needs to do in order to get the best performance out of a particular configuration. And you know what else? You should probably just leave everything at default and let the Operating System and SQL Server work together to fine tune things automatically. Sounds crazy? Here's a great article I came across today that talks exactly about this very thing:-

"How to determine proper SQL Server Configuration Settings"

Here's my favourite quote,

"SQL Server uses automatic configuration tuning and it is extremely rare that configuration settings (especially advanced settings) need any changes. Generally, do not make a SQL Server configuration change without overwhelming reason and not without careful methodical testing to verify the need for the configuration change. You must establish a baseline before the configuration change so that you can measure the benefit after the change."

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  • Thank you for all the feedback on Performance tuning SQL Server 2005 (and other editions). Honestly,...
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  • Thanks, nice description.  Most performance 'tune-ups' should be made to the stored procedures and the way you use the server.  Move frequently accessed data to smaller tables.  Clear logs by doing backups.

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