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IIS 7.0 going public with IIS.NET (www.iis.net)

IIS 7.0 going public with IIS.NET (www.iis.net)

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I've always been a BIG fan of Internet Information Services (IIS). In my not-so-humble opinion ;-) , IIS 4.0 was the first time the "Windows Web Server" came of age, and since then I had a whole heap of requests for features that finally appeared in IIS 6.0. Our current web server, IIS 6.0, is amazing; I've blogged about Application Pools before, just to mention one of the amazing features that we've come to use everyday.

Well, in IIS 7.0, the product group is doing it all over again. You thought IIS 6.0 was a big step forward? You ain't see nothing yet. We're rearchitecting the whole web server again, and finally we can start really talking and sharing some of the great things we are doing. What's more you guys get to have glimpses of IIS 7.0 with the Windows Vista Beta 2 release and Windows Server "Longhorn" Beta 2 release. Already, I'm TOTALLY excited about the new fully-customizable modular architecture, not only from an application perspective but also from a security perspective; excellent, really excellent.

So head over to our new IIS.net web site. Get the Beta's. Play with IIS 7.0 and post your comments.

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