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Presenting SQL Server 2005... in a cinema?

Presenting SQL Server 2005... in a cinema?

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A couple of weeks back, I had the chance to present in a cinema; actually, it was Golden Screen Cinemas1 Utama. We held a day especially for our ISV community where they had the opportunity to here about current and new technology, and how it can be used to develop the next generation of their applications. Not only that, they did eventually get to see a movie later in the evening. Different. :-)

It was very cool to present in the Cinema. For a start, the screen was amazingly huge; especially when you're down on the floor in the front presenting (check out the photos). It's so big, you can't even see what's written on the top! I've got to get a monitor like that one day. Lol!

Thanks to all that attended. It was a pleasure to share with everone what opportunities SQL Server 2005 presents to all you ISVs out there.

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  • That is cool. I kinda admire you, you are one of the best presenters I have seen. Thumbs up.

    But just curious, why do it in cinema? Since MS auditorium can fits around 300 people. Which is roughly the same with cinema?

  • Thanks, Wen Ching. Appreciate your comment.

    Well, a cinema is quite cool isn't it? Quite different. Especially compared to our Auditorium. ;-)

  • Ya cinema is cool... but i prefer to watch movie there haha :)

    Coz the cinema environment is kinda comfortable :) with nice popcorns yummy

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