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Windows Vista (et al) Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool

Windows Vista (et al) Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool

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I just came across this really cool tool for evaluating your broadband router for "Windows Vista Networking Coolness Support" (my term). I've forever had problems with my routers (mostly Linksys) for not support things like UPnP properly and now, finally, there's an online tool which will connect to through your router out to online websites and give you a report of what your router can, and cannot, support. Head on over to:-

As suspected, my router doesn't support UPnP properly, despite the fact that it says that it does, and that it's brand new. I've really had bad luck with Linksys routers; their firmware is terrible - I've had a lot of them and they have all let me down.

On the other hand, if you want to get the official list of Routers from the Windows Vista Hardware Compatiblity List (ironically, you'll see lots of D-link routers here :-( ) head on over to:-

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