With MIX07 well under way, there's been plenty of talk around the new Microsoft Silverlight, and quite a number of friends have been asking me, "So what's this Microsoft Silver-thingy all about; it's just like Flash right?". Interestingly, I've been getting this comparison made a lot, so I thought I'd blog about it.

Being a technical fellow myself, I actually preferred Silverlight's first name which was WPF/E (meaning the Windows Presentation Foundation/ Everywhere) because this really summs up what Silverlight is all about. When the Windows Teams first started work on Windows Vista they envisioned a whole new world of graphically rich, 3D animated applications, which eventually became the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). So amazing were these applications, that we incorporated WPF into the .NET Framework 3.0 and made it available for Windows XP as well. Cool. But.... we didn't stop there.... imagine the impact of WPF applications if they were made universally available... in broswers, in mobile devices, across different platforms... that's what WPF/E was all about, and that's what has become Microsoft Silverlight.

Still not convinced... check out this video of the application "Top Banana" to take a glimpse at what's possible with Microsoft Silverlight as the platform, and I don't think you'll be making a comparison to Flash after this. ;-)