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Microsoft SQL Server "Katmai"

Microsoft SQL Server "Katmai"

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This week we finally made some public announcements around the next version of SQL Server code named "Katmai". As you could all guess, we're leveraging the phenomenal success of "pervasive BI" that's happening around SQL Server 2005 and that's getting a boost - really making BI accessible to the masses with even better integration with Office, as well as other features right across the spectrum (from ETL, OLTP, Analysis & Reporting). Here's a quick summary of the capabilities announced:-

Data Platform to Power Business Insights Regardless of Size or Budget

SQL Server “Katmai” is designed to do the following:


- Provide a scalable and reliable platform with advanced security technology for even the most demanding applications


- Reduce the time and cost of managing data infrastructure with innovative policy-based management

Redefining Pervasive Insight

SQL Server “Katmai” brings powerful BI capabilities and valuable data even closer to every user:

- Empowers users to easily consume information due to increased integration with front-end tools in the 2007 Microsoft Office system, including Office Excel® 2007, Excel Services, Office SharePoint® Server and Office PerformancePoint Server 2007

- Provides reports of any size or complexity internally within organizations and externally to partners and suppliers

- Aligns corporate decision-making by collaborating on key analysis and reports within Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Integrates all relevant data within the enterprise into a scalable and comprehensive data warehouse platform

Dynamic Development for Data Management Solutions

SQL Server “Katmai” offers these features for developers:

- Provides an integrated development environment with Microsoft Visual Studio® and .NET Framework that will accelerate development of new applications with a higher level of data abstraction

- Enables developers to synchronize data from virtually any device to the central data store

Beyond Relational Data

SQL Server “Katmai” enables users to do the following:

- Manage any type of data including relational data, documents, geographic information and XML

- Work with a consistent set of services and tools


Here's the official site on microsoft.com, so stay tuned for updates on Katmai here:-

And for the full press release on Katmai, here's the reference:-

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