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June, 2007

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“Darien recently returned to Australia joining Microsoft Brisbane in December 2010, after being based in Microsoft Malaysia for 8 years, and generally being based in Asia for the last 20 years. He has been involved in IT since his school days and holds various Microsoft certifications in Core Infrastructure, Application Platform and Database Technology. Additionally, he holds an MSc in Software Engineering from Staffordshire University. His current areas of expertise are the Windows Server Application Platform, Security and Enterprise Application Integration including Mainframe Integration. Darien is currently the Application Platform Solution Specialist for all things Microsoft, and when he’s not producing or mixing albums in his Windows-based digital recording studio at home, he’s helping Australia’s largest customers realise business value and improve their customers’ lives through Microsoft-based solutions and software.”

  • Darien's Dialog..

    Where are all those third-party analyst reports?...

    I often get asked by customers for third party analyst reports on where we stand in the industry from an analyst point of view, and finally, we've put them all in one place up on microsoft.com. Just go to:- Analyst Relations - Reports, A collection...
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    Welcome "Windows Live" guy, Rohan Thomas to Microsoft Malaysia

    I've always been super-passionate about the web, and for Microsoft, Windows Live is the epitome of that. Joining us last week is Rohan Thomas, former Singapore-based MVP, who'll be taking care of Windows Live out of our Developer and Platform Evangelism...
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    We live in exciting times indeed...

    There are times when I'm really, really excited to be in IT (well, more so than usual); this week is one of those times. We have some spectacular technology coming out to really empower users to have wonderful collaborations with each other - and, at...
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