It's soon going to be TechEd time again here in Malaysia and once again I have the honor of speaking. This year I have two great sessions:-

  • Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 (and 6.0) Security - This is my traditional session that I've been doing since IIS 5.0. I'm really excited about IIS 7.0 and I'm excited to present a security-focused view of the new web server. It's interesting how over the years, this session has evolved, reflecting both the security state of the industry and also the maturity of the product as it moved through all the different versions. I hope you IIS fans can join me for this one.
  • Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003. Here's a new session for me in terms of a presentation, but last year, I actually did the TechEd Keynote demo when we first released the product. I've always been passionate about super computing on Windows, even since the Windows 2000 days, and now I get the chance to walk the South-East Asian attendees through one of our "best kept secrets", as a customer of mine once put it. If you're interested in High Performance Computing (HPC) on Windows, please join me for this session.

Oh yeah, and if you're looking for more information, there's only one link you need:-