Just a quick note...I'm here in downtown Seattle and I've just come out of the final keynote for TechReady5, Microsoft's own "internal TechEd". It's been a great week with a wonderful look at all the technologies that we have, and a little of what's to come in the future. Unfortunately, I can't share much of the detail with any of you, but I did take some photo's (below) so you can at least have a peak at what the event looks like - actually, it looks just like TechEd ;-) - just that the content is for internal employee consumption only.

Massive 1080p x 2 digital screens on either side of the main stage. Really amazing real-time super-high resolution video technology here. Definitely a highlight.

Norm Judah, the Microsoft Executive sponsor for TechReady, delivering the keynote.

And speaking of Norm Judah....here we are at the TechReady5 party for that candid group party shot. The guilty parties from left to right are me (I'd be the tall one), Norm Judah (no introduction required), Victor Leong (Solution Specialist for Security & Management, Microsoft Malaysia) and Cheng See Tan (Solution Specialist for Application Platform, Microsoft Malaysia)

Kevin Turner addressing the troops at the keynote. I really enjoyed his session. Who says a sales guy can't address a technical audience, huh. ;-)

Don't forget the audio engineer that drove it all from the classic Yamaha PM5D digital mixer (didn't look like a V2 though). Ah, you're mixing digital or you're not mixing at all. ;-P

Here I am at the TechReady5 welcome reception... and a chance to mix and mingle with all our colleagues from around the world...

For those that haven't seen it before, downtown Seattle where the conference center is located. This shot was from the Specialists Managers lunch session out of the Seattle Harbor Club.