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Professional Audio on Windows Vista with Cakewalk Sonar et al.

Professional Audio on Windows Vista with Cakewalk Sonar et al.

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After watching the Cakewalk: Making Music with Sonar video on Channel 9, I was once again inspired by the state of professional audio on Windows, and in particular Windows Vista. Audio engineers and producers alike now have a wonderful, robust, glorious-looking operating system that just fits into any musical studio environment.

And with software tools such as Cakewalk's Sonar 7 Producer Edition that take full advantage of Vista's capabilities such as new multicore architectures, WaveRT, x64 memory addressing etc.. super-high-end audio and MIDI production (formerly reserved for high-end ProTools installations) are now available for every small studio or even the "weekend warrior" in the home. If you're a Mac user on ProTools or Logic (or whatever) and you're looking at giving the power and flexibility of the Windows Vista platform a try using Cakewalk's Sonar, they have a competitive crossgrade offer available here.

Also, beyond Cakewalk, there are plenty of other audio application which are already running or are targeted to run on Windows Vista. Another favourite company of mine for the Windows Platform are Rain Recording which specialize in developing hardware specifically for Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) on Windows. They maintain a cool list of applications tested to run on Vista called their Rain Recording Vista Watch. It's cool. Check it out.

Rain Recording's Vista Watch

So, team, there's no excuse not to run Windows in recording studios anymore, don't you think? ;-)

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