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Wonderful New Windows Live Releases!

Wonderful New Windows Live Releases!

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The New Windows Live Messenger 8.5 It's been a big few days for the larger Windows Live team with lots of great releases that are really coming together to work as a whole. I've just upgraded my machines at work and at home, and I'm really enjoying all the new services. What am I talking about? Well, first up, you've all just have to head on over to:-

Here you'll get the downloads for:-

  • The new Windows Live Messenger (8.5) - pictured right
  • Finally, a new version of Windows Live Writer, which I used for this post (it rocks!)
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery - great for Windows XP users, that can now get a taste for the Photo Gallery application that ships with Vista, except with the Windows Live publishing (and even Flickr) capability built right in.
  • Windows Live Mail - great for use with Hotmail. Finally, a rich email Hotmail (and others) client. Lovely!
  • Update for the Windows Live Toolbar
  • Plus more...

Also, if you want to get a brand new Windows Live account (that is, one that ends in @live.com rather than @msn.com or @hotmail.com), then head over to http://www.windowslive.com/freshstart.html.

Here are some other links you'll enjoy with the above:-

Most importantly though, have a great time with Windows Live! smile_teeth

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