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Where's my hard disk space gone?

Where's my hard disk space gone?

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Ever find yourself asking, "Where's all my hard disk drive space gone?", and even more so, "Which application has stolen it?!". Well, guess no more... I came across this really handy free application called WinDirStat (you can download it from here), that let's you see you whole hard drive visually. Here's a snapshot of my hard drives at home:-


Cool, huh. Previously, I've been using an internal tool at Microsoft (which one of our employees wrote) called FatSlice. Once again, here's a shot of my hard drives at home:-


Alas FatSlice is only available to Microsoft employees, but WinDirStat is available for everyone! :-) Go check it out.

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  • There's also JDiskReport:


    It's written in Java so is cross-platform and even has a WebStart one-click launch:


  • check not only windows option  http://www.jgoodies.com/freeware/jdiskreport/index.html

  • great tool! thanks for the tipp

  • There is also this multi-platform tool (been around for many years):


    And KDE (and the like) has also had it for years:


    this picture was actually taken from an article on the same subject:


    But nice to see more free tools coming to good ol' windows :-)

  • I'm using a similar program called Zero Assumption Disk Space Visualizer. It's also freeware but looks a little less complex than that one.

  • Baobab has a visualization like Fatslice.

    Alas, Baobab is only available to Ubuntu users.

  • Disktective: http://www.disktective.com/ is consderably better, individual drive and folder listings, with a the ability to drill down through folders .. very useful and FreeWare

  • Best I've found is called FolderSizes (http://www.foldersizes.com). Has built-in scheduler, deep XML export, and many other professional grade features. Highly recommended.

  • Compare with the DiskSpaceFan, it does the same type.


  • By now I tried almost every disc space visualizing program I could get my hands on, but honestly nothing beats WinDirStat. I have the executable file in my dropbox account and whenever I fix a new PC I simply start the executable and instantly have the perfect overview of where the diskspace is.

    I actually learned to read WinDirStat results. If there are more than 10 GB in the windows folder, you check the System Restore options. If there Local Files are bigger than one GB you schedule an automatic clean up of the Temporary files. And so on.

    WinDirStat is the best and most comprehensible program I have ever used. Even after all those years.

  • ahh, this the exact thing I need to help my dearest laptop.

  • I have been using SpaceSniffer for about a year now. It's fantastic. It starts off with a broad view of your topmost folders and some of their children inside them. You can click on any box (representing a folder) to show it's children inside it.

    It provides a very fast way to see a large over view of your files, and to then narrow down to exactly what is stealing your disk space.


  • I've used Spacemonger for years and love it.

  • I've used Spacemonger for years and love it.

  • There is another program called Zero Assumption Disk Space Visualizer, its a bit less visually complicated but it still does the job

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