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Where's my hard disk space gone?

Where's my hard disk space gone?

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Ever find yourself asking, "Where's all my hard disk drive space gone?", and even more so, "Which application has stolen it?!". Well, guess no more... I came across this really handy free application called WinDirStat (you can download it from here), that let's you see you whole hard drive visually. Here's a snapshot of my hard drives at home:-


Cool, huh. Previously, I've been using an internal tool at Microsoft (which one of our employees wrote) called FatSlice. Once again, here's a shot of my hard drives at home:-


Alas FatSlice is only available to Microsoft employees, but WinDirStat is available for everyone! :-) Go check it out.

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  • I've started using DiskFerret Lite which is a Java app that runs in the browser.  Professional grade in my opinion, but it's free.


  • I use a program called Disk Space Fan.  It looks similar to the second one above, but has a free version.

  • Can someone tell me where to find my hard disk?

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