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Behind the scenes at the TechNet MSDN Technology Summit in Malaysia, Kuala lumpur

Behind the scenes at the TechNet MSDN Technology Summit in Malaysia, Kuala lumpur

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After a spell of around two years, it was so great to be back at the TechNet/MSDN Keynote in Kuala Lumpur recently. Our theme was “Spotting the Future” and during the nearly 3 hour demo fest extravaganza it was our idea to show everyone how Microsoft technology, current and future, can help increase productivity and save money in these tough economic times. From the overwhelming feedback I received, most of it on bluehoo (thank you everyone for your comments :-) ), it looks like we covered that message pretty well, whilst at the same time exposing everyone to come cool up-and-coming technology (including the now famous Windows 7 application compatibility demo).

Oh, by the way, we created the above “A Gathering of Experts” silhouette banner a few years ago (it was computer constructed in 3D and flattened into what you see now from many, many photos of us – we never actually posed like this together – kinda cool eh). This was the original Malaysian “super-cool Keynote demo” team. See if you can guess who they all are (from left to right)… leave me a comment. ;-)

Many of you have asked me for the slide deck for the keynote so here it is:-

(6.62MB PowerPoint 2007)

For a first, we made a video of the keynote (not by any means a Hollywood production), but for those of you that would like to relive the experience (maybe you can see yourself in the audience) or those that couldn’t make it and would like to see check it out below:-

TechNet MSDN Malaysian KeyNote Part 1 (Opening & Optimizing your Infrastructure)

TechNet MSDN Malaysian KeyNote Part 2 (System Center Extravaganza)

TechNet MSDN Malaysian KeyNote Part 3 (SQL Server 2008, Silverlight & WPF)

TechNet MSDN Malaysian KeyNote Part 4 (Windows 7 and IE8)

TechNet MSDN Malaysian KeyNote Part 5 (Software plus Services, Windows Azure)


And finally, the “you-can-never-have-a-blog-entry-without-photos” obligatory photos (thanks Yu Tsing) …. mostly of me…. lol!…:-

TechNet MSDN 15-01-09 010

Above: Setting up the keynote throughout the night before with some of the demo team.

TechNet MSDN 15-01-09 041

Above: The keynote team late the previous night, before heading back home for not much sleep. ;-)

TechNet MSDN 15-01-09 047

Above: We really pushed the envelope with the System Center demo, and here’s the team that made it happen.

TechNet MSDN 15-01-09 019

Above: KT Ng and myself on stage in the early hours of Keynote morning, getting ready to run through our talk on Windows 7 together.


Above: T minus 10 minutes as you all find a place in the keynote hall. Recognise anyone? ;-)


Above: The Keynote begins. I call this my ‘Peter Gabriel’ look – picture inserted for comparison. Lol.


Above: SQL Server, Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) demo with Rohan. Yes, we really are 2 cyclists! (That was the most popular question I received the whole day!) :-)


Above: ‘Teasing’ you guys together with Mervin during the Windows 7 Application Compatibility Demo.

DSC_0179 (2)

Above: Happy, happy people when we announced the availability of the Windows 7 Beta. I hope you’ve all been enjoying it. :-)

DSC_0242 (2)

Above: KT and I at the press conference immediately after the Keynote. Really enjoyed answering some great questions.


Hope you all enjoyed the keynote and the break out sessions afterwards. We received some great feedback from all of you – thanks to those of you that additionally wrote your comments – we read all of them, good and bad, and we incorporate what we can into our next events. It was great to see so many old faces, and meet so many new people. Hope to be able to do it all again for you soon.

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