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As told by Oliver Fisher, Lead Software Design Engineer

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  • Blog Post: Contact Addresses

    Unfortunately the WinFS Contact schema for addresses is pretty ugly in the PDC build.  We're working to fix it, but for now you're going to have to live with some pain. Person.PersonalAddresses is just there to trick you.  The shell UI isn't actually hooked up to it.  We used to...
  • Blog Post: Removed Entry

    Jon and I had a couple of entries about workarounds for some PDC problems.  Apparently we got in trouble for posting them before Monday.  Stay tuned, they'll be back when they're actually useful. We'll try to keep you updated with information about Windows "Longhorn" People & Groups...
  • Blog Post: Am I Interesting?

    Blogging seems to be the new fad so I thought I'd try it out.  It also seems to be a really good way of communicating with customers and hopefully getting some feedback on what we've been building in Windows "Longhorn", which you're about to see during the PDC next week. Frankly, I'm not...
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