Who is Darren Jefford you might ask, well that's a good question :-)

I work as an Application Development Consultant within the Premier Support for Developers team at Microsoft UK, We work closely with our customers and partners to ensure they're making the best use of our technology and get involved in Architecture Reviews, Proof-of-concepts, Troubleshooting and generally helping developers out.

As you'd imagine I'm a software developer at heart, my core background is C++ and backend systems development, I tend to focus on .NET almost entirely now as most of my customers are in this space and what fun it is!

A lot of my work ends up being investigating hard problems or working out how stuff really works under the covers so expect to see lots of postings along these lines, along with other handy things I come across along the way which will be mostly developer related

Oh and a small note, as with all such blogs any thoughts or opinons are my own and not Microsoft's, more here