The IE post that I put up yesterday has generated a bit of discussion.

Bruce Morgan from the IE team made a comment and emailed me to let me know that IE is indeed not free as one comment noted. My mistake - I'm better educated now.

I remember in the old days when IE was young - there was a version for HP-UX and Power PC.  That is no longer the case though and to use IE today requires a Windows licence.

So I've learned that IE is not free.

I have also learned how little I know about web development.  It's been years since I've done serious web development, and when I've done stuff lately its been in Visual Studio which takes care of much of the underlying bits for you (as long as you are keeping it simple - which I have been).

If you've posted comments, on it, your feedback has got the attention of myself, plus (more importantly) Bruce and his team.