Craig recently lamented that when he was at Tech Ed in Orlando he saw lots of people with Tablets typing their notes rather than writing them on the tablet.

I thought I might add my explanation for why I personally find it tricky at times to take notes on a tablet.

Don't get me wrong, I love tablets, I own a UMPC (and recently ordered a new Q1 Ultra) and absolutely love it, but when it comes to data entry, you just can't beat a keyboard.

Now - if you are a slow typist you'll have variable mileage, but for me, its much faster to type than it is to write - much faster.  Like - three times faster typing than writing.  Now the trade off is that I have to open up my laptop and use it in a whole different way, but in a situation where I can I'm more likely to do that to get the speed than I am to use it as a slate and slow down for the sake of it.

Where would I use a tablet as a tablet?  Where using a keyboard is simply not practical.  Such circumstances might include coffee - where having a laptop open on a table could be a real invasion of space (particularly where more than one person is trying to use their laptop on the same table - remember those Craig?).  Other times may include jotting notes while standing up, or my personal favorite - in an economy class airline seat - particularly those teeny tiny puddle jumpers...

Anyway, there is a time to use a keyboard and there is a time to use ink - the thing about a convertible tablet is that it gives you both options (depending on the size - Tosh M4 - I'm looking at you)