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The NZ community rocks!  As you probably know, we've got three big products coming out in the  new year (Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008) and the community is preparing to do a major road trip around New Zealand.

Chris Auld and Jeremy Boyd - our two Regional Directors are going to be touring the country showing off all the cool stuff in Windows Server (Virtualisation, IIS, etc), SQL Server (File Stream, Spatial data types & queries, etc) and Visual Studio (LINQ, CSS designers, etc).  In each location they will be joined by a local speaker and each location will have a local MC.

The tour will include the following dates and locations:

I'm probably going to tag along for the journey too - I'll be filling in as a guest speaker on a couple of spots, and it will be great to be part of this anyway!

The session itself will be a 2 hour presentation where the guys will design the infrastructure, including virtualization layer, data structure, web site, IIS implementation and then build and deploy the entire solution over the period of the session explaining what they are doing as they go

This will be a great trip - we'll be mapping out photos, and more as we go, but more on that later.

Win some cool stuff

Because I look after the community in NZ, I've done a bit to help out - one of these things is to get some cool stuff to give away.

Firstly we have two grunty machines (8Gb Ram, Heaps of disk and a fast CPU), and one less grunty machine (1 Gb Ram, 2x 320Gb Drives), along with a copy of Windows Home Server and a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate per machine.  We're going to give these away at the end.

How can you get one?  Well - register for your location, and then come along and fill in an eval and you are in the draw.  Want more entries?  Invite friends.  If they also come along and fill in an eval you'll get another entry in the draw - if they invite friends - who turn up and fill in evals, you'll get another entry in the draw for the friends they invite (like a multi level marketing scheme).

If this isn't enough, we'll also have another opportunity to win another cool prize - which we will explain at each location.

So - go register (click the link above for your  location for details), and invite friends when you register!